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A debugger for Rakudo.
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A Command-line Frontend for Rakudo's Debugger

Before you use this: this debugger UI, and the internals it drives, have been superseded by the new MoarVM Remote Debug support. There are both GUI and command line clients for it. It's unlikely this debugger interface will be further developed, and in time the API it draws on will likely be deprecated. This module was what I had time and resources to make happen when I did it. The VM-backed remote debug support that was since implemented is far better; it handles threads properly, can trace into the internals, etc.

This is a command-line front-end for the Rakudo Debugger. When you build a current Rakudo Perl 6, you will get perl6-debug binaries that require this (or a compatible) module to be installed.

To use the debugger, just run your script with perl6-debug or perl6-debug-m rather than perl6. It takes the same set of options as the normal perl6 executable, such as -I and -M.

For information on available commands, type h then hit enter for the help screen once you're in the debugger. You may also like to see:

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