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Suggest panda installation now it's possible (tadzik++). Also link to
blog post and video demonstrating it.
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# A Debugger for Rakudo
-To build, run the Makefile, making sure the appropriate things
-are in your path. Then use perl6-debug just like you use the
-usual perl6 executable. Type h then enter for the help screen.
+This is an interactive, command-line debugger for Rakudo Perl 6. The easiest
+ways to get hold of it are:
+* By installing a recent Rakudo Star distribution
+* By installing it with panda (panda install Rakudo::Debugger)
+To use it, just run your script with perl6-debug rather than perl6. It takes
+the same set of options as the normal perl6 executable, such as -I and -M.
+For information on available commands, type h then hit enter for the help
+screen once you're in the debugger. You may also like to see:
+* Blog walkthrough:
+* Video:

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