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module NativeCall;
# Throwaway type just to get us some way to get at the NativeCall
# representation.
my class native_callsite is repr('NativeCall') { }
# Builds a hash of type information for the specified parameter.
sub param_hash_for(Parameter $p) {
my Mu $result := nqp::hash();
nqp::bindkey($result, 'type', nqp::unbox_s(type_code_for($p.type)));
# Builds a hash of type information for the specified return type.
sub return_hash_for(Mu ::T) {
my Mu $result := nqp::hash();
nqp::bindkey($result, 'type',
T =:= Mu ?? 'void' !! nqp::unbox_s(type_code_for(T)));
# Gets the NCI type code to use based on a given Perl 6 type.
my %type_map =
'int8' => 'char',
'int16' => 'short',
'int32' => 'int',
'int' => 'long',
'Int' => 'longlong',
'num32' => 'float',
'num64' => 'double',
'num' => 'double',
'Num' => 'double',
'Str' => 'utf8str';
sub type_code_for(Mu ::T) {
return %type_map{T.^name}
if %type_map.exists(T.^name);
die "Unknown type {T.^name} used in native call";
# This role is mixed in to any routine that is marked as being a
# native call.
my role Native[Routine $r, Str $libname] {
has int $!setup;
has native_callsite $!call is box_target;
method postcircumfix:<( )>($args) {
unless $!setup {
my Mu $arg_info := nqp::list();
for $r.signature.params -> $p {
nqp::push($arg_info, param_hash_for($p))
my str $conv = self.?native_call_convention || '';
nqp::unbox_s($libname), # library name
nqp::unbox_s($, # symbol to call
nqp::unbox_s($conv), # calling convention
$!setup = 1;
nqp::nativecall(nqp::p6decont($r.returns), self,
nqp::getattr(nqp::p6decont($args), Capture, '$!list'))
# Role for carrying extra calling convention information.
my role NativeCallingConvention[$name] {
method native_call_convention() { $name };
# Specifies that the routine is actually a native call, and gives
# the name of the library to load it from.
multi trait_mod:<is>(Routine $r, $libname, :$native!) is export {
$r does Native[$r, $libname];
# Specifies the calling convention to use for a native call.
multi trait_mod:<is>(Routine $r, $name, :$nativeconv!) is export {
$r does NativeCallingConvention[$name];
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