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# Call the GD graphics library that is also used by Perl 5's GD module.
use NativeCall; # from project 'zavolaj'
# -------- foreign function definitions in alphabetical order ----------
sub gdImageCreate( Int $width, Int $height )
returns OpaquePointer
is native('libgd') { ... }
sub gdImageColorAllocate( OpaquePointer $image, Int $red, Int $green, Int $blue )
returns Int
is native('libgd') { ... }
sub gdImageLine( OpaquePointer $image, Int $x1, Int $y1, Int $x2, Int $y2, Int $colour )
is native('libgd') { ... }
sub gdImagePng( OpaquePointer $image, OpaquePointer $file )
is native('libgd') { ... }
sub gdImageJpeg( OpaquePointer $image, OpaquePointer $file, Int $quality )
is native('libgd') { ... }
sub gdImageDestroy( OpaquePointer $image )
is native('libgd') { ... }
sub fopen( Str $filename, Str $mode )
returns OpaquePointer
is native() { ... }
sub fclose( OpaquePointer $filepointer )
is native() { ... }
# Translation of the example at from C to
# Perl 6. The only reason for having a MAIN subroutine is to have it
# look as similar as possible.
sub MAIN {
# Declare the image
my $im;
# Declare output files
my ($pngout, $jpegout);
# Declare color indexes
my Int $black;
my Int $white;
# Allocate the image: 64 pixels across by 64 pixels tall
$im = gdImageCreate(64, 64);
# Allocate the color black (red, green and blue all minimum).
# Since this is the first color in a new image, it will
# be the background color.
$black = gdImageColorAllocate($im, 0, 0, 0);
# Allocate the color white (red, green and blue all maximum).
$white = gdImageColorAllocate($im, 255, 255, 255);
# Draw a line from the upper left to the lower right,
# using white color index.
gdImageLine($im, 0, 0, 63, 63, $white);
# Open a file for writing. "wb" means "write binary", important
# under MSDOS, harmless under Unix.
$pngout = fopen("test.png", "wb");
# Do the same for a JPEG-format file.
$jpegout = fopen("test.jpg", "wb");
# Output the image to the disk file in PNG format.
gdImagePng($im, $pngout);
# Output the same image in JPEG format, using the default
# JPEG quality setting.
gdImageJpeg($im, $jpegout, -1);
# Close the files.
# Destroy the image in memory.
=begin pod
The GD library must be installed installed. On Debian systems such
as Ubuntu, install libgd-xpm-dev (or libgd-noxpm-dev) because Zavolaj
cannot find the variant without the -dev suffix. This applies to most
libraries called by Zavolaj, and probably is caused by an implementation
detail within Parrot.
=head1 SEE ALSO
Official GD project home page:
=end pod