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Test failures on Linux #15

moritz opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Moritz Lenz Arne Skjærholt
Moritz Lenz

On Linux all the tests fail like this:

 t/01-argless.t ......... Cannot locate native library './01-argless'
   in method postcircumfix:<( )> at /home/moritz/p6/zavolaj/blib/lib/NativeCall.pm6:119

Changing the test to load ./ would fix it, but I guess that kinda goes against the idea behind the changes to the loading behavior.

Arne Skjærholt

I'm seeing the same problem. But from a quick inspection it seems that all the test files have is native("./lib") so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm gonna bisect a bit and see what I find.

Arne Skjærholt

I think this issue has been fixed now. Please reopen if it's still a problem.

Arne Skjærholt arnsholt closed this
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