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Looks like current NativeCall does not support empty variants, like used in fork() example.

<bbkr_> star: use NativeCall; sub fork() returns Int is native() {*}; fork
 <p6eval> star 2012.10: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤None of the parametric role variants for 'Native' matched the arguments supplied.␤Cannot call ''; none of these signatures match:␤:(Mu , Routine $r, Str $libname)␤␤at /tmp/S1jr2Ubfmb:1␤»

Without variant at all it works fine (both on OSX and Linux).

bbkr:~ bbkr$ perl6 -e 'use NativeCall; sub fork() returns Int is native {*}; say fork()'
@jnthn jnthn closed this in 9ace1ee Nov 16, 2012
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