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How to store binary data in a buffer? #22

mrhdias opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 1 comment

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mrhdias commented Mar 25, 2013

I need to get binary data from a function to a buffer and then pass that data to a perl6 filehandle. Is there any solution using the NativeCall module that allows store the data in a buffer?

C code:

gdImagePtr im;
int size;
char* data = (char*)gdImagePngPtr(im, &size);
fwrite(data, sizeof(char), size, out);

Perl6 Code Example:

sub gdImagePngPtr(GD::Image $gdImagePtr, CArray[int32] $size)
    returns Buf is native('') { ... };
my $size = CArray[int32].new();
$size[0] = 0;
my $fh = open "test_save_data.png", :w :bin;
my Buf $data = gdImagePngPtr($im, $size);

Example from the GD Library FAQ
How do I load an image file from a buffer in memory?

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

gdImagePtr myLoadPng(char *filename) {
    FILE *in;
    struct stat stat_buf;
    gdImagePtr im;
    in = fopen("myimage.png", "rb");
    if (!in) {
        /* Error */
    if (fstat(fileno(in), &stat_buf) != 0) {
        /* Error */
    /* Read the entire thing into a buffer that we allocate */
    char *buffer = malloc(stat_buf.st_size);
    if (!buffer) {
        /* Error */
    if (fread(buffer, 1, stat_buf.st_size, in) != stat_buf.st_size) {
        /* Error */
    im = gdImageCreateFromPngPtr(stat_buf.st_size, buffer);
    /* WE allocated the memory, WE free it with our normal free function */
    return im;

There's no way at the moment to easily get Buf objects from CArrays. gdImgPngPtr should return a CArray[int8] in any case, and then you'll have to create a Buf object and populate it with a loop based on the CArray and the size you get from the function call. In terms of library design, it's probably best to keep the raw library function library-internal and do the CArray to Buf conversion in a function/method you expose to the user.

I'm working on making this part of Zavolaj better (it's a known sore spot), but it's blocking on me getting a fair amount of plumbing done internally in NQP and Rakudo.

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