Simple Slack bot to control Kontena grid
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Slack bot for Kontena.


The bot is provided as Docker image which you can run pretty easily:

docker run \
    --name kontena-slack-bot \
    -e KONTENA_TOKEN=kontena-token \
    -e KONTENA_URL= \
    -e KONTENA_GRID=my-grid \
    -e SSL_IGNORE_ERRORS=true \
    -e BOT_NAME=kontenabot \
    -e ALLOWED_USERS=user1,user2 \
    -e BOT_NAME=kontenabot \
    -d jnummelin/kontena-slack-bot:latest

The env parameters are pretty self-explanatory I think. The ALLOWED_USERS is a comma separated list of Slack users that are allowed to control the bot. If you do not specify the list at all the bot thinks it's OK to allow anyone to control it.

Slack token

The bot needs a token to connect to Slack, d'oh. :)

You can create the needed token in your Slack team settings: Settings -> Configure Apps -> Custom Integrations -> Bots

Remember to name your bot using the same name both on Slack and in the container.

Running with Kontena

It's self evident that this can be run also with Kontena. :) Simplest way to deploy it is using kontena stack install jussi/slackbot