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Why yet-another-custom-wp-image (YACWPI)?

The official image does some things wonderfully and some things utterly "wrong" in my opinion.

Yes, it works pretty nicely when running a single container with docker-compose and manually updating plugins and things via the admin UI. But we're talking about running things with containers. Think about your CI/CD pipeline, how would you ensure your new plugin actually works? You certailnly don't go and do point-and-click installtion through the admin UI during the CI/CD process.

So I built another image, the main idea is:

  • have everything bundled in the image itself, no copying WP stuff over during startup
  • have our custom theme baked in
  • startup script will run the installation "wizard", if not done already

Running locally

Post start

Enable the theme

www-data@42b83e362c09:~/html$ wp theme activate my-theme

Running on cluster