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  • Add Adapter#get_multi to allow for efficient loading of more than one feature at a time (
  • Add DSL#preload for efficiently loading several features at once using get_mutli (
  • Add :preload and :preload_all options to memoizer as a way of efficiently loading several features for a request in one network call instead of N where N is the number of features checked (
  • Strip whitespace out of feature/actor/group values posted by UI (
  • Fix bug with dalli adapter where deleting a feature using the UI or API was not clearing the cache in the dalli adapter which meant the feature would continue to use whatever cached enabled state was present until the TTL was hit (1cd96f6)
  • Change cache keys for dalli adapter. Backwards compatible in that it will just repopulate new keys on first check with this version, but old keys are not expired, so if you used the default ttl of 0, you'll have to expire them on your own. The primary reason for the change was safer namespacing of the cache keys to avoid collisions.


  • Add docker compose support for contributing
  • Add sequel adapter
  • Show confirmation dialog when deleting a feature in flipper-ui



  • GET /api/v1/features
  • POST /api/v1/features - add feature endpoint
  • rack-protection 2.0.0 support
  • pretty rake output


  • bump flipper-active_record to officially support rails 5


  • Moves SharedAdapterTests module to Flipper::Test::SharedAdapterTests to avoid clobbering anything top level in apps that use Flipper
  • Memoizable, Instrumented and OperationLogger now delegate any missing methods to the original adapter. This was lost with the removal of the official decorator in 0.8, but is actually useful functionality for these "wrapping" adapters.
  • Instrumenting adapters is now off by default. Use to instrument adapters and maintain the old functionality.
  • Added dalli cache adapter (



  • support for rails 5 beta/ rack 2 alpha
  • fix uninitialized constant in rails generators
  • fix adapter test for clear to ensure that feature is not deleted, only gates


  • Add missing migration file to gemspec for flipper-active_record


  • Add Flipper ActiveRecord adapter


  • Add Flipper::UI.application_breadcrumb_href for setting breadcrumb back to original app from Flipper UI



  • Added Flipper.groups and Flipper.group_names
  • Changed percentage_of_random to percentage_of_time
  • Added enable/disable convenience methods for all gates (ie: enable_group, enable_actor, enable_percentage_of_actors, enable_percentage_of_time)
  • Added value convenience methods (ie: boolean_value, groups_value, actors_value, etc.)
  • Added Feature#gate_values for getting typecast adapter gate values
  • Added Feature#enabled_gates and #disabled_gates for getting the gates that are enabled/disabled for the feature
  • Remove Feature#description
  • Added Flipper::Adapters::PStore
  • Moved memoizable decorator to instance variable storage from class level thread local stuff. Now not thread safe, but we can make a thread safe version later.


  • Totally new. Works like a charm.


  • Updated to latest driver (~> 2.0)


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added Flipper.group_exists?


  • Added statsd support for instrumentation.


  • No longer use #id for detecting actors. You must now define #flipper_id on anything that you would like to behave as an actor.
  • Strings are now used instead of Integers for Actor identifiers. More flexible and the only reason I used Integers was to do modulo for percentage of actors. Since percentage of actors now uses hashing, integer is no longer needed.
  • Easy integration of instrumentation with AS::Notifications or anything similar.
  • A bunch of stuff around inspecting and getting names/descriptions out of things to more easily figure out what is going on.
  • Percentage of actors hash is now also seeded with feature name so the same actors don't get all features instantly.