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Update readme to new dsl and add types

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@@ -5,27 +5,45 @@ Feature flipper for any adapter.
## Usage
+require 'flipper'
require 'flipper/adapters/memory'
+# pick an adapter
adapter =
-search =, adapter)
-if search.enabled?
- puts 'Search away!'
- puts 'No search for you!'
+# get a handy dsl instance
+flipper =
+# grab a feature
+search = flipper[:search]
+perform = lambda do
+ # check if that feature is enabled
+ if search.enabled?
+ puts 'Search away!'
+ else
+ puts 'No search for you!'
+ end
puts 'Enabling Search...'
-if search.enabled?
- puts 'Search away!'
- puts 'No search for you!'
+Of course there are more [examples for you to peruse](
+## Types
+Out of the box several types of enabling are supported:
+* Boolean - All on or all off.
+* Group - Turn on feature based on value of block. Super flexible way to turn on a feature for multiple things (users, people, accounts, etc.)
+* Individual Actor - Turn on for individual thing. Think enable feature for someone to test or for a buddy.
+* Percentage of Actors - Turn this on for a percentage of actors (think users or people). Consistently on or off for this user as long as percentage increases. Think slow rollout of a new feature to users.
+* Percentage of Random - Turn this on for a random percentage of time
## Installation
Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

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