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How can I have multiple classes of actors? #11

eric opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Some features should be enabled on a per-account basis, others on a per-user basis (where an account has multiple users).

How can I query and enable certain features by account and others by user?


I tried to keep the idea of actor to be generic. What you use as your actor can be whatever makes sense for the feature. It could be tricky to use actors for both as they could have conflicting ids. That said, when I switch ids to be strings you could do your own concatentation trickery to make it work.

I'm certainly open to suggestions. I'm not quite using flipper in production yet, so there could be a few small things that are odd and need tweaked.


With rollout I just created two instances of the rollout object, one for each type, but that doesn't really make as much sense here, because the goal of flipper seems to be wider.

Thinking about it more, I guess there isn't anything preventing passing different kinds of objects as the actor to different named features, as long as you keep track of it in your app code, it shouldn't make a difference...


Yep, that is what I was poorly trying to say. Mixing them together on the same feature would be confusing currently due to forcing integers (without making the first or last significant or some kind of indicator).


Is it ok to close this issue? Or is there something we need to address other than documenting this?

@jnunemaker jnunemaker closed this in 81cf275
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