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<post href="" hash="19bba2ab667be03a19f67fb67dc56917" description="ROXML - Ruby Object to XML Mapping Library" tag="ruby xml gems mapping" time="2008-08-09T05:24:20Z" others="56" extended="ROXML is a Ruby library designed to make it easier for Ruby developers to work with XML. Using simple annotations, it enables Ruby classes to be custom-mapped to XML. ROXML takes care of the marshalling and unmarshalling of mapped attributes so that developers can focus on building first-class Ruby classes."/>
<post href="" hash="1df8a7cb9e8960992556518c0ea0d146" description="sparrow - Google Code" tag="ruby sparrow memcache queue" time="2008-08-06T15:07:24Z" others="115" extended="Sparrow is a really fast lightweight queue written in Ruby that speaks memcache. That means you can use Sparrow with any memcached client library (Ruby or otherwise)."/>
<post href="" hash="963187e8bf350ae42e21eee13a2bef07" description="query-reviewer - Google Code" tag="rails ruby railstips plugins database optimization" time="2008-08-04T21:50:14Z" others="180" extended="This rails plugin not only runs &quot;EXPLAIN&quot; before each of your select queries in development, but provides a small DIV in the rendered output of each page with the summary of query warnings that it analyzed."/>
<post href="" hash="2cdd545934bd37ae6f4829c51b3041c5" description=" Introducing Functor" tag="ruby methods gems railstips" time="2008-08-04T21:46:47Z" others="61" extended="Really cool ruby lib for overloading method definitions. I can think of a few places this would be handy."/>
<post href="" hash="92764e019de7553b4cd38017e42e4aaa" description="" tag="pdf ruby railstips" time="2008-08-04T21:26:20Z" others="237" extended="pure ruby pdf generation library."/>
<post href="" hash="4ce96c7c237161819e9625737c22b462" description="Bill Burcham’s memeRocket :: Ruby Module#include at Odds with Duck Typing." tag="ruby railstips enumerable comparable" time="2008-08-03T16:09:24Z" others="3" extended="How to build your own enumerable and comparable objects in ruby. This article is old but just came across it and found it handy."/>
<post href="" hash="6bebd138c037d7d7c88a7046ca03f671" description="The right way to do something you should never do" tag="juggernaut observers rails flash ruby" time="2008-08-03T03:50:58Z" others="0" extended="Example of how to use juggernaut with an observer."/>
<post href="" hash="55450d103d6e2dd609b203ad133d751f" description="Nic’s Notions » Juggernaut Tutorials" tag="juggernaut rails ruby flash plugins server chat" time="2008-08-03T02:26:39Z" others="30" extended="Several juggernaut tutorials."/>
<post href="" hash="7c2a36292db109b144036a02eb3f46b7" description="Labnotes » Distributed Twitter Client in 20 lines of code" tag="xmpp ruby jabber xmpp4r" time="2008-08-01T18:16:23Z" others="18" extended="Cool little snippet of xmpp goodness to check your buddies status messages."/>
<post href="" hash="d100c10208acbf5e954320a5577838d9" description="reevoolabs - Beanstalk Messaging" tag="railstips messaging queue rails ruby" time="2008-07-28T02:57:00Z" others="33" extended="Good write up on beanstalk"/>
<post href="" hash="c3dc3b940dbe25e39737240b4e1ab071" description="Rockstar Memcached" tag="memcached performance caching ruby rails railstips" time="2008-07-28T02:30:50Z" others="11" extended="Killer presentation on memcached by Tobi of Shopify."/>
<post href="" hash="288054a38d870b15bdf060ed5c6b2a2e" description="Unix Signals for Live Debugging -" tag="ruby signals unix debugging signal railstips" time="2008-07-27T04:53:00Z" others="86" extended="I've known how to kill processes and such but never quite understood kill. Ilya Grigorik explains not only how to send those signals but how to use them in your scripts to change the way they behave on the fly. Very cool."/>
<post href="" hash="b3db9b84940ce550e26a560b83eb2f66" description="RedCloth 4.0 Released: 40x Faster Textile Rendering" tag="textile ruby gems railstips" time="2008-07-27T04:42:29Z" others="20" extended="Redcloth gets some serious love. It's now much faster. Sweet!"/>
<post href="" hash="b532ea5933e4eba76c44823e17fecd31" description="rubycas-server - Google Code" tag="sso authentication cas ruby" time="2008-07-22T17:04:09Z" others="132" extended="RubyCAS-Server provides a single sign-on solution for web applications, implementing the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol."/>
<post href="" hash="033d72ac54d8c722618383e0e2aa18ff" description="ReinH — A Thinking Man's Sphinx" tag="rails railstips sphinx search ruby" time="2008-07-17T19:34:59Z" others="142" extended="A guide to the two sphynx plugins: ultrasphynx and thinksphynx and why you should choose one or the other."/>
<post href="" hash="70490d9786f09db5ba5f7904f88d304c" description="libxml-ruby 0.8.0 Released: Ruby Gets Fast, Reliable XML Processing At Last" tag="libxml xml ruby gems" time="2008-07-17T18:22:23Z" others="55" extended="lib xml gets an update and now it's really fast."/>
<post href="" hash="9b47db4bf59da2009642f4084e3113a2" description="autumn at master — GitHub" tag="irc ruby gems" time="2008-07-17T18:20:19Z" others="18" extended="Easy, fresh, feature-rich IRC bots in Ruby"/>
<post href="" hash="4403898c92b37788f002ad6d79a66b68" description="New Finder Syntax (before 1.0) -" tag="railstips ruby datamapper" time="2008-07-05T20:42:27Z" others="1" extended="really cool idea for conditions in datamapper. even if you don't use datamapper, read this as it's sweet."/>
<post href="" hash="33bbf2492beac5fbf1fc167014060067" description="CodeClimber: using Ruby for IMAP with Gmail" tag="email gems gmail google imap rails railstips ruby" time="2008-07-05T20:06:47Z" others="118" extended="how to check gmail using ruby's IMAP libraries. the key is to use the login method instead of the authenticate one."/>
<post href="" hash="f95dcc012bdc13bc26bace3ceed10656" description="Xul for thought: Updated curb multi interface patch" tag="curl ruby http" time="2008-07-03T21:52:45Z" others="1" extended="Really cool multi curl stuff to rapidly hit urls."/>
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