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Cannot declare has_many with primitive type #2

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I have the following mapping for the attached xml:

module FamilySearch class AlternateIds include HappyMapper tag ‘alternateIds’ has_many :ids, String, :tag => ‘id’ end class Information include HappyMapper has_one :alternateIds, AlternateIds end class Person include HappyMapper attribute :version, String attribute :modified, Time attribute :id, String has_one :information, Information end class Persons include HappyMapper has_many :person, Person end class FamilyTree include HappyMapper tag ‘familytree’ attribute :version, String attribute :status_message, String, :tag => ‘statusMessage’ attribute :status_code, String, :tag => ‘statusCode’ has_one :persons, Persons end end

Notice the AlternateIds class declares a has_many with type String, which should assign ids as a collection of Strings. However, ids ends up being a String of the first object.

I have a failing spec in my fork that represents this situation:


Another failing spec here:

I've actually fixed this in my fork (, but I've also switched over from using libxml directly to using nokogiri instead. You probably need to change find_first to find in line 122 item.rb, and then do something similar to this commit:



I went to fix this and discovered it already was! The syntax confused me a bit (having to specify the singular tag), but I'll leave it be.

has_many :answers, String, :tag => 'answer'



I think I have similar issue, I have following mapping:

class Customer
  include HappyMapper
  has_many :languages, String, :tag => 'Languages'

and following xml


Any chance to map something like this to an array of strings:

@languages=["en", "pl"]

At the moment I get following structure:

@languages=["\n    en\n    pl\n  "]


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