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module HTTParty
# @abstact Exceptions raised by HTTParty inherit from Error
class Error < StandardError; end
# Exception raised when you attempt to set a non-existent format
class UnsupportedFormat < Error; end
# Exception raised when using a URI scheme other than HTTP or HTTPS
class UnsupportedURIScheme < Error; end
# @abstract Exceptions which inherit from ResponseError contain the Net::HTTP
# response object accessible via the {#response} method.
class ResponseError < Error
# Returns the response of the last request
# @return [Net::HTTPResponse] A subclass of Net::HTTPResponse, e.g.
attr_reader :response
# Instantiate an instance of ResponseError with a Net::HTTPResponse object
# @param [Net::HTTPResponse]
def initialize(response)
@response = response
# Exception that is raised when request has redirected too many times.
# Calling {#response} returns the Net:HTTP response object.
class RedirectionTooDeep < ResponseError; end
# Exception that is raised when request redirects and location header is present more than once
class DuplicateLocationHeader < ResponseError; end