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Digest auth fails when multiple authenticate headers are present #271

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Digest auth doesn't work when there are multiple headers present. I have a web server where both the NTLM and Digest authorization headers are sent at the same time which causes HTTParty to fail. An example where the server shows the following:

WWW-Authenticate: NTLM, Digest .........

This produces the following error:

/home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/net_digest_auth.rb:49:in `parse': undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/net_digest_auth.rb:18:in `initialize'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/net_digest_auth.rb:7:in `new'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/net_digest_auth.rb:7:in `digest_auth'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/request.rb:162:in `setup_digest_auth'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/request.rb:153:in `setup_raw_request'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty/request.rb:90:in `perform'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty.rb:499:in `perform_request'
        from /home/jsternberg/httparty/lib/httparty.rb:435:in `get'
        from test.rb:10:in `get'
        from test.rb:15:in `<main>'
@jsternberg jsternberg referenced this issue from a commit in jsternberg/httparty
@jsternberg jsternberg Fix digest auth when multiple headers are sent by the server
Digest authentication would fail if more than one header was sent as
part of the response. Look specifically for the "Digest" word as part of
the www-authenticate header.

This fixes issue #271.

This is fixed as part of the pull request #272.

@jsternberg jsternberg closed this


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