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$LOAD_PATH.unshift(File.expand_path('../../lib', __FILE__))
require 'pp'
require 'hunt'
MongoMapper.database = 'testing'
class Note
include MongoMapper::Document
plugin Hunt
key :title, String
key :tags, Array
# Declare which fields to search on.
# No problem declaring an array key.
searches :title, :tags
Note.delete_all # clean the slate
# Note that the search terms are stored in a searches hash in the key default.
# This is so that future versions can allow different combinations of search
# fields and use different keys in searches.
# Also, meaningless words are stripped out and all words less than 3 characters
# long. The words are then stemmed ( so
# exact matches when searching are not necessary.
pp Note.create(:title => 'I am lost without Mongo!', :tags => %w(mongo database nosql))
#<Note searches: {"default"=>["test", "mongo", "databas", "nosql"]}, title: "This is a test", _id: BSON::ObjectId('...'), tags: ["mongo", "database", "nosql"]>
pp Note.create(:title => 'Lost is a tv show', :tags => %w(lost tv))
#<Note searches: {"default"=>["lost", "tv", "show"]}, title: "Lost is a tv show", _id: BSON::ObjectId('...'), tags: ["lost", "tv"]>
pp'lost').count # 2
pp'tv').count # 1
# Multiple words work
pp'mongo tv').count # 2