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ff6dca2 @jnunemaker Changed the way query string information gets encoded in hopes that i…
authored Apr 13, 2009
1 * v 0.2.3: changed the way things get escaped in hopes that it would fix some problems some were having
4da3c34 @jnunemaker Prepped for 0.2.2 release.
authored Dec 23, 2008
2 * v 0.2.2: a bunch of changes from titanous, mostly refactoring
2f243cf @titanous Added support for scrobbling and now playing submission
titanous authored Sep 15, 2008
3 * v 0.2.0: added support for scrobbling tracks and now playing submission (Titanous)
c13cb00 initial commit of scrobbler gem
jnunemaker authored May 10, 2007
4 * v 0.1.0: initial release
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