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I noticed that doing file uploads via rails/rack -> mongoapper -> joint -> wand weren't getting the right content_type in the case of mp3 files. They ended with a content type of "application/octet-stream" because MIME::Types failed and that's the best 'file' could do. This is all due to the temporary upload file having no file extension.

I added options support to Wand.wave(path, options={}) so the :original_filename can be passed through. My second pull request to you will be for Joint to pull this in and start using it. I'm not going to mess with the gemspecs and dependency cycle though, I'll leave that up to you :)


@raykrueger raykrueger Allow overriding the path with :orignal_filename
When passing a multipart uploaded file to wand it is generally
a temp file with no extension leaving MIME with no way to detect
the type.


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