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Add `cterm=bold` to `hi TabLineFill` commands #4

SuperFluffy opened this Issue May 21, 2012 · 1 comment

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Using vim 7.3, I have noticed that when enabling my tabline using the showtabline=2 option, the highlight TabLineFill ctermbg=236 ctermfg=236 setting does not work and the tabline simply seems white.

Here you can see a picture, the tabline is at the top.
vim with tabline color not working

Now, I figured out that you can fix that by setting highlight TabLineFill ctermbg=236 ctermfg=236 cterm=bold:
vim with tabline color working

Can you please add cterm=bold to all lines in zenburn.vim which set TabLineFill? That would be lines 505, 521. Notice that all lines where TabLineFill is set for guifg or guibg contain gui=bold.

Cheers and thanks for a great theme!


Hi! Both Gnome-terminal and xterm work OK for me, the TabLineFill is drawn with a dark color.
But, I saw that the TabLineFill was defined many times - some of the definitions were never used.

Also, since the cterm=bold fixes it for you and I don't see it making a difference for me, I'll put it in.

Thanks a lot.

@jnurmine jnurmine closed this May 22, 2012
@jnurmine jnurmine added a commit that referenced this issue May 22, 2012
@jnurmine TabLineFill fixes
  * Remove extra definitions for TabLineFill
  * Add cterm=bold to fix terminals for some people

Thanks to rjanisb.

Fixes issue #4.

Signed-off-by: Jani Nurminen <>
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