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Porcini for Pelican

This is Porcini. It is heavily inspired by Chunk which is a "faithful as possible" translation of Chunk-wpcom v1.0 for Pelican 3. Heavily inspired means Chunk was used as base and remorselessly refactored, cleaned up, extended, chopped and mutilated.

I am not a web-head or CSS guru, if you are, your help is warmly welcome: if you see crazy and/or stupid things please submit a patch.

Browser Compatibility

This theme was only really tested with Firefox (PC, Android) and Chrome (Android) and looked as it should.

In any case, there aren't any really fancy CSS gimmics used so modern browsers should mostly work fine.

Commenting System

Disqus support is included.

Settings used by this theme (All Optional)

  • DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT = ('%b %d %Y') : suggested date format
  • SITESUBTITLE = 'String'
  • FOOTER_TEXT = 'Powered by <a href="">Pelican</a>, theme is called Porcini.'
  • LINKS = (('Site', ''), ('Site 2', ''))
  • SINGLE_AUTHOR = True/False
  • MINT = True/False
  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS = 'Put your Google code here'

Note: Mint is untested, I don't use it, but it was included with Chunk so I kept it in.


Motivation for making this theme was I wanted a theme for my blog but couldn't find a theme which I liked a lot. Chunk was closest but not close enough, so I went from Chunk onwards. Because of this history, this theme is also GPLv2.

Main design concerns for me:

  • readability, like a book/magazine
  • scales nicely (PCs, phones, tablets, ...)
  • looks "nice" i.e. doesn't look like a complete crock of shit

The theme is not "responsive" per se, though will be mostly fine with display widths >= 320 pixels. For most users this should be OK.

A Humble Plea

A humble plea to all awesome web developers: please create more templates for Pelican!





The theme .css and template files are modified and released under the GNU General Public License v2, full details in LICENSE.txt file.

Original comments from Chunk

Theme Name: Chunk
Theme URI:
Author: Automattic
Author URI:
Description: A straightforward theme with bold typography designed by <a href="!/thisistran/">Tran N</a>. Featuring multiple post formats, custom background, custom menu, and custom header. Also comes with an optional footer widget area.
Version: 1.0-wpcom
License: GNU General Public License
License URI: license.txt
Tags: light, white, fixed-width, one-column, custom-background, custom-header, custom-menu, post-formats, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, translation-ready, art, blog, cartoon, holiday, journal, lifestream, photography, tumblelog, bright, clean, contemporary, flamboyant, modern