Compare your total logged hours in Harvest with standard Finnish working hours
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In Finland the standard work week is 37.5 hours. In the long term you are supposed to keep your logged hours within a reasonable margin of that standard. This app sums up the total amount of hours you have logged to Harvest and compares it to the standard hours, taking any national holidays into account.


Requirements for local development

  • Elm 0.18.0
  • Elm-test
  • Heroku toolbelt:
  • Node JS with ES6 support
  • MongoDB (for storing user data and sessions)
  • local-ssl-proxy: npm install -g local-ssl-proxy
  • nodemon: npm install -g nodemon
  • an OAuth2 API client set up in Harvest
  • .env file in project root with the required environment variables:
    • SESSION_SECRET: Express session secret
    • CLIENT_ID: Harvest API client id
    • CLIENT_SECRET: Harvest API client secret
    • CALLBACK_URL: Harvest API redirect URI, for local development this should be: https://localhost:5001/auth/callback
    • ORGANIZATION: Your organization name in Harvest
    • IGNORE_TASK_IDS: A comma-separated list of any Harvest task IDs you want to exclude from the total amount
    • KIKY_TASK_IDS: A comma-separated list of special KiKy task ids
    • START_DATE: Hour entries are calculated starting from this date. In YYYYMMDD format.

Running locally


Go to https://localhost:5001/

Running tests


Requirements for deployment to Heroku