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A Python program that parses the RSS feed from Last.FM for personal music stats
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This package parses the RSS feed from Last.FM for personal music stats. It pulls the top albums, artists, and tracks captured by LastFM RSS feed in the json format (run "pprint" for json taxonomy). The program puts the data in a blank "WeeklyRoundup.txt" file with some HTML formatting so it can be embedded into an HTML file.

It runs on Python 2.6.6 and up on Python 2.*

The main program ("") requires the library of environmental variables (a blank template is included here), or you can create your own more secure way of bringing in variables.

The second part of the program ("") formats a page to embed the results. It requires two templates, for the beginning of the file ("TemplateOpening.txt") and for the end of the file ("TemplateClosing.txt"). I didn't include mine here, as you can create these for your own webpage's format.

The opening template uses MAKO Python templating for adding the date. More info can be found here:

Example of the output, for my own account, can be found here:

Here are some of the supporting documents I used:

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