create kindle collections using the calibre metada
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A simple script for handling collections on the Amazon Kindle. Modified from a python script i found on the web

The Kindle is a great reading device, unfortunately so far it is rather painful to use it for a large collection of documents -  for example when dealing with many research papers. 

Uses the metadata.calibre file generated by Calibre.
As Amazon doesn't seem to support this functionality yet, this is a hack which also requires that the Kindle be restarted to update the system. This is quite annoying, but there doesn't seem to be another way until Amazon releases its `Kindle Development Kit`. At which point this script will hopefully become obsolete.


$python2.6 [options]

Use the line below to find the available options

$python2.6 -h

Note that if the script is saved in the root folder of the Kindle (e.g. /Volumes/Kindle), the mount point is not necessary. 

Please feel free to use and extend the script in any way you want. If you already have a valued collection of collections, it might also be a good idea to backup this file before you give this a try.