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#! /usr/bin/python
#!-*-coding: utf8-*-
import random
import os
import time
import copy
class Square:
"""This is the abstraction of one Square"""
def __init__(self, x, y, attrib):
self.x = x
self.y = y
self.attrib = attrib
self.rep = '\033[4%sm%s \033[0m' % (attrib, attrib)
self.have_vecinos = True
self.is_child = False
class Screen:
"""The Screen Array of the game"""
def __init__(self, x_size, y_size, tokens):
self.x_size = x_size
self.y_size = y_size
self.tokens = tokens
self.childs = []
self.squares = []
self.childs[0].rep = '# '
self.childs[0].is_child = True
self.attrib = self.childs[0].attrib
def get_near_to(self, child):
vecinos = []
if child.x - 1 >= 0:
vecinos.append(self.get_square(child.x - 1, child.y))
if child.y - 1 >= 0:
vecinos.append(self.get_square(child.x, child.y - 1))
if child.x + 1 < self.x_size:
vecinos.append(self.get_square(child.x +1, child.y))
if child.y + 1 < self.y_size:
vecinos.append(self.get_square(child.x, child.y + 1))
vecinos = [vecino for vecino in vecinos if(not vecino.is_child)]
if not vecinos:
child.have_vecinos = False
return vecinos
def get_square(self, x, y):
return self.squares[y][x]
def populate(self):
for y in xrange(0, self.y_size):
self.squares.append([self.random_square(x, y) for x in xrange(0, self.x_size)])
def random_square(self, x, y):
attrib = random.choice(self.tokens)
square = Square(x, y, attrib)
return square
def check_arround(self, child):
"""We check the attrib of the near squares"""
vecinos = self.get_near_to(child)
if vecinos:
for vecino in vecinos:
if (vecino.attrib == self.attrib):
vecino.rep = child.rep
vecino.is_child = True
def __repr__(self):
output = ''
for row in self.squares:
output += ''.join(['%s' % str(a.rep) for a in row])
output += '\n'
return output
def update(self, attrib):
self.attrib = attrib[0]
for child in self.childs:
if child.have_vecinos:
class Solver(Screen):
"""Toma un Puzzle y lo resuelve de manera optima"""
def __init__(self, puzzle):
self.squares = puzzle.squares
self.tokens = puzzle.tokens
self.childs = []
self.x_size = puzzle.x_size
self.y_size = puzzle.y_size
self.attrib = puzzle.attrib
def solve(self):
"""Resuelvo un puzzle, para saber cuantos movimientos son necesarios"""
for a in self.tokens:
def check_move(token):
"""Chequea cuantos cuadraditos agrega una eleccion de token"""
hijos = copy.copy(self.childs)
def my_check_arround(self, child, childlist):
"""We check the attrib of the near squares"""
vecinos = self.get_near_to(child)
if vecinos:
for vecino in vecinos:
if (vecino.attrib == self.attrib):
vecino.rep = child.rep
vecino.is_child = True
if __name__ == '__main__':
tokens = [str(d) for d in xrange(1, 9)]
screen = Screen(20, 20, tokens)
print screen
screen.update(screen.childs[0].attrib) #dirty Hack
limit = screen.x_size + screen.y_size
win = False
for b in xrange(1, limit + 1):
a = raw_input('_#: ')
# a = random.choice(tokens)
print screen
print "%4d moves of %4d" % (b, limit)
if len(screen.childs) == screen.x_size*screen.y_size:
win = True
if win:
print "You Win"
print "You loose"