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grovel.lisp: missing enum fields for webkit-cache-model

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1 parent bd78602 commit 09d37a56af955a67b9e0dfdb2cdd60291b427ebe @joachifm committed Oct 11, 2011
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@@ -248,7 +248,11 @@ if you want to know precisely what kind of error occurred."))
;; The cache model determines the memory and disk space to use for caching content.
(cenum webkit-cache-model
+ ((:webkit-cache-model-default "WEBKIT_CACHE_MODEL_DEFAULT")
+ :documentation "The default cache model (optimized for web browsing).")
((:webkit-cache-model-document-viewer "WEBKIT_CACHE_MODEL_DOCUMENT_VIEWER")
:documentation "Use this for applications without a browsing inteface.")
+ ((:webkit-cache-model-document-browser "WEBKIT_CACHE_MODEL_DOCUMENT_BROWSER")
+ :documentation "Cache model optimized for viewing.")
((:webkit-cache-model-web-browser "WEBKIT_CACHE_MODEL_WEB_BROWSER")
:documentation "Use this for web browser applications."))

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