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This is the latest work of the Internet of Things standard based on XMPP. SCROLL DOWN FOR EASY CLICK LINKS
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Repository for the work using XMPP in Internet of Things systems everything is published through the XSF foundation More information is also available on the XMPP tech wiki

Easy view links of latest work

xep-0000-IoT-Discovery Defines the peculiars of sensor discovery in sensor networks. Apart from discovering sensors by JID, it also defines how to discover sensors based on location, etc. Covering production and creation to deploy and removal of a thing

xep-0322-exi Defines how to EXI can be used in XMPP to achieve efficient compression of data. Albeit not a sensor network specific XEP, this XEP should be considered in all sensor network implementations where memory and packet size is an issue.

xep-0323-sensor-data Provides the underlying architecture, basic operations and data structures for sensor data communication over XMPP networks. It includes a hardware abstraction model, removing any technical detail implemented in underlying technologies. This XEP is used by all other sensor network XEPs.

xep-0324-sensor-network-provisioning This specification. Defines how provisioning, the management of access privileges, etc., can be efficiently and easily implemented.

xep-0326-IoT-Concentrators Defines how to handle architectures containing concentrators or servers handling multiple sensors.

xep-0325-IoT-Control Defines how to control actuators and other devices in sensor networks.

xep-0000-IoT-Interoperability Defines guidelines for how to achieve interoperability in sensor networks, publishing interoperability interfaces for different types of devices.

xep-0000-IoT-Chat This is a very useful extension to facilitate integration with humans and other systems. Via plain chat messages this defines a easy extendable syntax for interacting with devices, reading values and setting parameters and control values

eventlogging Being able to monitor and maintain advanced network of devices it is important to be able to support logging of events such as user logins upgrades errors. This extension is compatible with syslog but more advanced

xep-0000-IoT-Events Defines how sensors send events, how event subscription, hysteresis levels, etc., are configured.

Defines how to handle the peculiars related to battery powered devices, and other devices intermittently available on the network.

xep-0000-IoT-Multicast Defines how sensor data can be multicast in efficient ways.

xep-0000-IoT-PubSub Defines how efficient publication of sensor data can be made in sensor networks.

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