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// OptionParser.h
// Created by Allan Odgaard on 2007-09-24.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <string>
struct option_t
std::string short_option, long_option;
int argument;
enum type_t { none, string, integer, plist } type;
char *description;
NSDictionary* ParseOptions (NSArray* arguments, option_t const* available, size_t n);
template <size_t N> NSDictionary* ParseOptions (NSArray* arguments, option_t const (&available)[N])
return ParseOptions(arguments, available, N);
NSString *GetOptionList(option_t const *options, size_t optionCount);
template <size_t optionCount> NSString *GetOptionList(option_t const (&options)[optionCount])
return GetOptionList(options, optionCount);
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