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Always set the TM_SOFT_TABS variable

Backwards compatibility for commands that expect the variable to always exist or match the NO state, this matches the behavior of 1.x.
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commit ac8f88b33eca38eda9c9c6477a72870a3602761d 1 parent d983d5a
@infininight infininight authored sorbits committed
Showing with 1 addition and 2 deletions.
  1. +1 −2  Frameworks/editor/src/
3  Frameworks/editor/src/
@@ -1356,8 +1356,7 @@ namespace ng
else map = variables_for_path(NULL_STR, "", map);
map.insert(std::make_pair("TM_TAB_SIZE", text::format("%zu", _buffer.indent().tab_size())));
- if(_buffer.indent().soft_tabs())
- map.insert(std::make_pair("TM_SOFT_TABS", "YES"));
+ map.insert(std::make_pair("TM_SOFT_TABS", _buffer.indent().soft_tabs() ? "YES" : "NO"));
map.insert(std::make_pair("TM_SELECTION", to_s(_buffer, _selections)));
if(_selections.size() == 1)

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