A collection of emacs tools for TYPO3 development
Emacs Lisp
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1. What is this?

This is a collection of Emacs major modes, which I wrote to optimize
development in the TYPO3 environment, i.e. programming PHP and writing
TypoScript. There will be another mode for CSV files some day, since I encounter
them quite often in my daily work. Up to now you will only find a function to
align columns in such a file according to a previously defined separator.

2. Installation
Please have a look at one of the various document file formats in the doc
subfolder: info, pdf, ps, html (one web page per node) and html (entirely on one
web page) are provided.

3. Have fun
I really enjoy working with Emacs. And even if there are quite a lot of so
called modern IDEs out there, I think Emacs still is the best tool for me, when
it comes to editing text files.  I would be very happy, if you find any use for
my modes. And feel free to adjust them for your personal needs. If you have any
further suggestions, just send an email.

Inspire to share!

Joachim Mathes