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Python implementation of MasVis
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PyMasVis is a reimplementation of MasVis in Python.


Analyze a file by running python src/ filename [filename ...]. The result will be output to filename-pymasvis.png. Spotify analysis is done by running python src/ -u username -p password spotify_uri. Result when using Spotify is output to the current working directory.

![Example result](doc/Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.spotify-pymasvis.png)

There is also a web app which enables you to use a webbrowser as a UI. Start it with python src/ and point your browser at http://localhost:5000 it is possible to change the listening address and port with --host and --port.


The stand alone analyser requires the following components

  • FFmpeg
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib
  • Pillow

The web app requires

  • flask
  • flask-socketio
  • eventlet
  • pyzmq

Python requirements installation

Systems with a package manager might have the required packages available through it. If that is not possible then installation using for example pip might be possible.

For standard usage:

pip install numpy
pip install scipy
pip install matplotlib
pip install pillow

To analyze tracks from Spotify:

pip install pyspotify


PyMasVis suppports all files that FFmpeg supports as PyMasVis uses FFmpeg to convert the file to raw PCM data before analysis.

Histogram is calculated using a maximum of 2^18 bins regardless of real bit depth. The "bits" result is scaled to the presumed real bit depth.


Scipy requires ATLAS/BLAS/LAPACK. Fortran compiler (gfortran).

PySpotify might require a separate installation of libspotify. Libspotify can be downloaded from

On Linux the contents of lib/ goes in /usr/local/lib and include/ in /usr/local/include

On OS X libspotify.framework/Versions/XX.XX.XX/Headers/api.h goes into /usr/include/libspotify and libspotify.framework/libspotify is copied to /usr/lib/

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