Human friendly unit testing for C++11
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Human friendly unit testing for C++11

Bandit is a framework for C++11 that wants to make working with unit tests a pleasant experience.

For more information, go to the bandit website.

Bandit is released under the MIT license

An example

This is a complete test application written in bandit:

#include <bandit/bandit.h>
using namespace bandit;

// Tell bandit there are tests here.

    // We're describing how a fuzzbox works.
    describe("fuzzbox:", [](){
      guitar_ptr guitar;
      fuzzbox_ptr fuzzbox;

      // Make sure each test has a fresh setup with
      // a guitar with a fuzzbox connected to it.
        guitar = guitar_ptr(new struct guitar());
        fuzzbox = fuzzbox_ptr(new struct fuzzbox());

      it("starts in clean mode", [&](){
        AssertThat(guitar->sound(), Equals(sounds::clean));

      // Describe what happens when we turn on the fuzzbox.
      describe("in distorted mode", [&](){

        // Turn on the fuzzbox.

        it("sounds distorted", [&](){
          AssertThat(guitar->sound(), Equals(sounds::distorted));


int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  // Run the tests.
  return bandit::run(argc, argv);