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Esirith will be an rpg-like boardgame-like multiplayer browser based game (wow! .. many tags came along), that will be the sequel of a Neverwinter Nights custom server that I made (with many help) many years ago.

It's developed with Symfony 2.

Game-wise, the idea will be unique games that will have a start and end like a board game but for many days/weeks, where each cycle (every night or so) some things will happen.

You will be able to create an adventurer, level up, loot, buy, hire companions and so many rpg-like features.


  • World auto-generation: games have and start and end (time-based)
  • Multi-world: you can all the games you want
  • RPG characters: level up, improve abilities
  • Combat: fight with monsters and big bosses
  • Map: you can move around the map, enter villages and dungeons
  • Shop system: buy new armor and weapons, sell your loot
  • Inventory system: you can manage all the items of your character
  • Raid system: team up with other players to defeat the Evil Boss
  • Hidden treasure system: discover treasures around the map. Only if you are lucky enough!
  • Permadeath: your character only have one life. You can have a rooster of heroes!
  • Companion system: acquire new adventures to help you with quest and with in-combat skills
  • Boss system: There is AI that every turn (time-based), attack villages, players and move around the map


You can install this game like any other Symfony2 project. I provided a script to make it easy for you and some fixtures to start with minimum data on your db.

php composer.phar install
php app/console doc:fix:load

"" is just for a quick-easy install. If you want to install it right, follow the official Symfony guide in order to have the right permissions.