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About the project

Habit Tracker is a project created as a final project for Coders Lab programming course as well as a project for Get Noticed 2017 (Daj Się Poznać 2017) competition.
The project is divided into two parts. First part is created in Angular 1.x. If you want to see a code - check out files in this repository. Very first version of demo can be found here.
The second part is created in Angular 2.x and the work is still in progress - I am migrating concept from 1.x to 2.x. The code can be found in this repository.
My goal is to build more less the same app in Angular 1.x and Angular 2.x to learn and practice both.

About the concept

Habit Tracker enables you to build good habits by tracking them every day. Although there is no database linked to an app yet, you can check out demo version which uses localstorage to save your data.
Habit Tracker is a tool that will help you track habits you want to build. By marking particular activity as done, we can see the progress we make. It is scientifically proven that people are more commited to challenges when these challenges are divided into simpler tasks and listed. Writing something down makes it more real than just thinking about it. Thanks to Habit Tracker you can make lists of activities you want to repeat every day and then - simply track them!

How Habit Tracker works

Habit Tracker is a kind variation about to-do list. First step is to choose habits you want to work on. Then, you simply add habits to the list using form on the left-hand side.
In the form you have to give your habit a name, select start date of tracking the habit and number of days during which you will be working on this habit. Once you hit Add, the habit will be added to Habits Dashboard.
On the dashboard habits are listed separately, you can see them in boxes. In every box you can find name, tracking start date, goal (based on the information you given), number of days that are already completed (based on the checked checkboxes) and the checkboxes. The number of checkboxes reflects the number of days you will be working on a habit. One checkbox is for one day. Once you complete the task for the day, e.g. you do yoga or jogging or read a page of a book - you check the checkbox.
Once all of them will be checked - you will see "goal reached" box - you can then delete the habit from the list or start tracking again!