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AJAX Assignment - Open APIs


Application to display pick-up stations for bikes in selected city

The idea for this app was to give the user a easy look over where to find public bike-sharing stations in the offered cities in Europe and North and South America. For stations with less then 3 bikes available I have choosen not to display the stations since the possibility that these bikes are no longer available is likely. I added an alert box at the bottom to inform the user regarding using helmet when biking and put a link to another website that gives instructions for how to ride safe around cars.


  • Downloading data from one or more open APIs serving data as JSON.
  • Showcasing retrieved data in a structured way in html.
  • Good code structure where you use namespaces and clearly separates the parts of your code logically.
  • Implementing the project independently and show that you master what you have written.
  • Have good understanding of AJAX and asynchronous communication and how to work asynchronously in JavaScript.


The API's used for this application:

Ajax calls

The app uses jQuery get() Method with the Promise interface to load data from the APIs.

  1. When the buttons are clicked, the first request is sent to the + (value that is received from the button element). The done Promise then loops through the objects properties and pushes the country code value into the countries array. A loader is applied to notice the user that the page is loading untill the second call is done.

  2. The the second call is made to the api The done Promise here loops through the properties of the response and then loops through the each objects values. Then a jQuery utility function is used to check whether the objects exists in the countries array or not. If true the cities are appended to the select element as options. The loader is removed when the done Promise is successful.

  3. The third call is made to the filtered on selected city's id to get the positioning of each station and then apply markers on a google map for each of the stations in selected city.

  4. The call made to as mentioned returns a json callback function. The function Map() is known as a constructor and the JavaScript class that represents a map is the Map class. Objects of this class define a single map on a page. By using the new operator a new instance of this class is created.


  • jQuery get() Method with the Promise interface
  • Bootstrap 4 with flex-box layout
  • jQuery/VanillaJS/ES6
    • Module Pattern to structure code
    • DOM Manipulation to change and style loader, map and text elements depending on user selections

My ToDo list

  • Sort issue to display only stations that are open. Problem here is that the returned object doesn't have a prototype to check this.
  • Would be happy to get a direct link to all companies to be able to offer the user the chance to easy access each company's information.

By: Joanna Högberg

Course: Javascript 2

Class: Fend16

Program: Front-End Developer at Nackademin