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#Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker helps you learn the most effective process, increase self-awareness and set priorities so achieving your goals is easier than ever. It is a tool that enables you to build good habits by tracking them. Concept of building habits is based on Charles Duhigg's book - "Power of habit". The idea of habit tracker was inspired by Bullet Journal created by Ridel Carroll.

Very first demo of the app can be found here >

Please be aware that project is still in progress. If you find any bug or have an idea for improvement, let me know by writing an email >

The process of building this app (idea & coding) is described on the blog post series which you can read here > (it's available only in Polish for now).

Tech stack:

  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • React
  • Firebase (as database and auth service)
  • Netlify (for deployment)
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