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RabbitMQ cluster with Docker Compose

Creates a 3 node RabbitMQ cluster with a HAProxy acting as a load balancer.

You need to build the HAProxy image first, just run:

$ docker build -t haproxy-rabbitmq-cluster:1.7 .

Now run the docker compose file:

$ docker-compose up -d

check if the containers are running:

$ docker ps

Create the cluster by running:

$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-2 bash -c "rabbitmqctl stop_app"
$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-2 bash -c "rabbitmqctl join_cluster rabbit@rabbitmq-node-1"
$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-2 bash -c "rabbitmqctl start_app"

$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-3 bash -c "rabbitmqctl stop_app"
$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-3 bash -c "rabbitmqctl join_cluster rabbit@rabbitmq-node-1"
$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-3 bash -c "rabbitmqctl start_app"

Check the cluster status:

$ docker exec -ti rabbitmq-node-1 bash -c "rabbitmqctl cluster_status"

Access HAProxy statistics report at http://localhost:1936/haproxy?stats with the credential haproxy:haproxy, and the RabbitMQ console at http://localhost:15672/ with the credential admin:Admin@123.

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