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BoV based text representation generator
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Bag of Vectors (BoV) is a text representation technique based in vector space model. More precisally, this BoV based script use a pre-trained word embedding model to generate an unique vector representation to each document, calculating the arithmetic mean of database words's vector representations found in model. The output is a matrix, where rows are the documents ids, and columns are the dimensions values to each document, i.e., the centroid generated from model term vectors.

Generating a BoV based text representation matrix:

python3 --n_gram 1 --model models/Google/GoogleVectors_300.txt --input in/db/ --output out/BoV/txt/

Converting a Doc-Dimension matrix to Arff file (Weka):

python3 --token - --input out/Bag/txt/ --output out/Bag/arff/

Related scripts


These scripts expect a database folder following an specific hierarchy like shown below:

in/db/                 (main directory)
---> class_1/          (class_1's directory)
---------> file_1      (text file)
---------> file_2      (text file)
---------> ...
---> class_2/          (class_2's directory)
---------> file_1      (text file)
---------> file_2      (text file)
---------> ...
---> ...


All generated files use TAB character as a separator.

Requirements installation (Linux)

Python 3 + PIP installation as super user:

apt-get install python3 python3-pip

NLTK installation as normal user:

pip3 install -U nltk

See more

Project page on LABIC website:

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