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From The Odin Project's curriculum This is a rough approximation of the Google home page, first time building something using CSS and HTML. Was trying out so much stuff there are many parts that I'm not sure how I got them to do what I wanted them to do. I also had the impression that the way I was going about things was by no means the most economical or rational. But, it looks okay. The perfect is the enemy of the good, 80/20 etc. etc.

Skills learnt on this project:

  1. Combating perfectionism
  2. Practising growth mindset
  3. Identifying source imagery with DevTools
  4. Practical understanding of why HTML and CSS should be kept seperate
  5. Positioning HTML elements (div li p etc.) on a page using CSS selectors (position, left right bottom and top, vertical-align, margin and padding, text-align etc.)
  6. Practising a logical approach to making, moving systematically between HTML and CSS, testing out changes one by one in order to isolate cause and effect.
  7. Identifying source coding using DevTools
  8. Perseverance (see 1.)
  9. The power of sleeping on a problem
  10. How to implement specificity and precedence for practical ends e.g. moving about different selectors into greater or lesser specificity if not getting the required results.
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