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Spring MVC Demo CoimbraJug

This repository is the code produced for a simple Demo: how to build a Website and Rest Api using the Spring MVC Frameworks.

This demo was used on this meetup using this presentation.


This website will have only two pages:
  • Root Page - Where all tasks are shown and a form for creating new ones
  • Task Page - Page where the details of a specific task are shown
Besides the Website pages we will have access to a simples Rest Api in Json:
  • Fetch Task Details - GET /todos/{id} e.g http://localhost/todos/1
  • Edit Task Details - PUT /todos/{id} e.g http://localhost/todos/1
  • Remove Task - DELETE /todos/{id} e.g http://localhost/todos/1

How To Run

  1. Install maven
  2. Execute mvn clean install in root dir
  3. Deploy the *.war found at /target in your J2EE Container (e.g Apache Tomcat or Jetty )
  4. Go to a web brower and access the url http://localhost:8080 ( this url can vary according your configurations )

If you just want to do some experimentations you can run a jetty server with Web App with a simple command: "mvn jetty:run". Then go to the web browser: http://localhost:8080/