Docker image with packer and goss provisioner
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Docker image with packer and goss provisioner. It allows CI servers to use this image, speeding the build and deploy process.

Build Status

For more information about the components:

Getting Started

To develop and test the container image you need:

  1. Docker CE 18.x
  2. Google Container Tools
  3. Your preferred IDE

Build and Test

In order to build and test in your development machine you:

  1. From your command line navigate to the root of the repo
  2. Run docker build -f Dockerfile -t joaoasrosa/packer-goss:latest .
  3. Run container-structure-test test --image joaoasrosa/packer-goss:latest --config ./command-tests.yaml


To use the image, on a command line or terminal:

docker run -i -t joaoasrosa/packer-goss:latest <command>


If the build and test is sucessful, you can commit the changes to the server (in a branch). After it open the PR for review. Please note that all the commits need to be signed. You can follow the GitHub instructions.

After it has been approved, the container will be available to the developer community.

Do not forget to add your name and email to the maintainers label within the Dockerfile. You deserve credit! :)