A matching system game made with unity (v 5.2.2)
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A matching system game made with unity (v 5.2.2)

It's a repository for a prototype made in 16 hours. Feel free to download, there isn't no license, no condition, just download it and use as you want. I hope this help you to study unity.


  1. Grid (blocks) Generator.
  2. UI (final and best score, next level and retry button).
  3. Special items (bomb, firework and ice).
  4. Juiciness (feel, screen shake and particles).
  5. Music and sound effects.


Take a look on WebGL live demo.

How to play?

  • Click over blocks to match;
  • Click over special items to use them;
  • Click over ‘new row’ button to add a new row from the bottom;
  • Try to match as many blocks as you can to earn points;
  • Try to rescue the toy from top of the grid (blocks) to win.
How to improve it?

Create a fork of unity-matching-system.

Did you change it? submit a pull request.


Licensed under the MIT License.

Change Log

0.0.1 First version (20/11/2015).