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Source Code Generation for Automatic Differentiation using Operator Overloading

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CppADCodeGen is available with both the EPL and GPL licenses;
see the CppAD home page.
is the CppADCodeGen home page.

CppADCodeGen is a source code generation library that is used as an
extension to the CppAD library.
is the CppAD home page.

Directories    Description
===========    ===========
bin            Helper shell and sed scripts used for CppAD development.
bug            Directory containing demonstration of known bugs (may be empty)
debian         Debian package creation files (Linux).
include        The CppADCodeGen header files.
example        CppADCodegen example files are here.
pkgconfig      pkg-config support files.
test           Contains tests for CppADCodeGen.
speed          Contains some benchmarks for CppADCodeGen.

Files          Description
==========     ===========
AUTHORS        Statement of authorship and copyright.
CMakeLists.txt CppADCodeGen CMake input file.
COPYING        Statement of user license to use software.    Control file for CppADCodeGen developer documentation.
epl-v10.txt    A copy of the Eclipse Public License version 1.
gpl3.txt       A copy of the GNU General Public License version 3.
INSTALL        Points to README file.
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