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Just to learn how to use travis-ci in a java project!

This is a working minimal example of how to use Travis CI (and Codecov) with Java on GitHub.

  • It uses the JUnit testing framework

How To Start

  1. Fork this Repository
  2. Go to Travis CI and enable the repository
  3. Fix the badges (replacing in the URL joaomlneto with your-github-username) and push the changes. This should trigger a build in Travis CI!

Optional: Code Coverage with CodeCov

This repository also integrates with Codecov to generate reports.

What's done for you:

  • The JaCoCo plugin is included in pom.xml
  • On .travis.yml, after_success target executes the Codecov script.

If you want to use it:

If you don't want it:

  • Remove the JaCoCo plugin from the pom.xml.
  • Remove the after_success target in .travis.yml
  • Remove the badge from


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