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# Travis CI Java documentation can be found in:
# We will use Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic beaver). List of options:
dist: xenial
# This enables the 'defaults' to test java applications:
language: java
# We can specify a list of JDKs to be used for testing
# A list of available JDKs in Trusty can be seed in:
- openjdk8
- openjdk11
# Each job in Travis CI has several steps:
# The 'language: java' directive sets up sane defaults to test common java applications
# We use the defaults for installing dependencies, compiling and testing maven applications
# In our case it will be 'mvn install' followed by 'mvn test'
# This is to enable CodeCov's coverage
# If a build is successful, the code is submitted for coverage analysis
- bash <(curl -s