LaTeX template for MSc and PhD thesis (for NOVA University Lisbon an other institutions)
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The NOVAthesis LaTeX class is a thesis template initially designed for the PhD and MSc thesis at FCT Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (FCT-NOVA), Portugal. The class provides utilities to easily set up the cover page, the front matter pages, the page headers, etc. with respect to the official guidelines of the FCT-NOVA for writing PhD dissertations.

The template is easily customizable, including the support for other institutions as well. Currently the template supports out-of-thebox (at least): 17 Chapter Styles, 7 font sets, 4 schools. If you customize this template for your institution or add new style files, please let me knwow about the thorns in the process, so that I can work a bit to smooth them. Thanks!

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

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These are not official templates for FCT-NOVA, although they are fully compliant to the FCT and NOVA formatting regulations.

The Word template is frozen. The maintenance is very very limited.

All contributors, both sporadic and regular, are welcome. :) Please contact me to join the team.

Recent News

NOTE: see the file changelog.txt for the complete listing of changes.

*2017-07-26 — Version 4.1.2 — CD spine for FCT-NOVA

  • Now both spines in the CD inlay are filled out. One has the "date, author and logo" and the other has the "date, title and logo".

*2017-07-15 — Version 4.1.1 — Bugfixes in book spine for FCT-NOVA

*2017-07-10 — Version 4.1.0 — CD cover support

  • Added support for school specific CD cover and inlay
  • Added support for default CD cover and inlay (if no school specific definition)
  • Added support for FCT (MSc and PhD) specific CD covers

*2017-01-30 — Version 4.0.1 — Support for APA-like citations and bibliography

*2017-01-14 — Version 4.0.0 — Template renamed to NOVA thesis (novathesis)

2016-11-07 — Version 3.2.0 — Support for both Appendixes and Annexes

  • Added support for both Appendixes and Annexes.

2016-09-17 — Version 3.1.4 — Support for FC-UL

  • Added support for FC-UL.

2016-02-22 — Version 3.1.3 — Book spine is ok

  • Bug fix in \printaftercover
  • Bug fix in cover of NOVA IMS
  • Bug fix in book spine of NOVA IMS

2016-02-22 — Version 3.1.2 — NOVA IMS improved

  • Bugfix in \printaftercover

2016-02-22 — Version 3.1.1 — NOVA IMS improved

  • Added support for NOVA IMS (new PhD template)
  • Added support for local (per school) "spine.clo" files. The main one is only used in no local version of the file is supplied.
  • Added support for "back cover" and "book spine" images in defaults.clo
  • Now using an altrnative "spine.clo" (thanks to Tomás Monteiro
  • Minor fixes for NOVA IMS

2016-01-07 — Version 3.1.0 — NOVA IMS

  • Added support for NOVA IMS

2015-12-07 — Version 3.0.13 — Less and less known bugs…

  • Added link to Facebook page in the comments at top of novathesis.cls and template.tex
  • New option 'printcommittee' (default=true) to inhibit printing the committee (when it should be printed)
  • Allow empty sets of committee members
  • Multiple fixes for font sets (thanks to Flávio Martins)
  • Fixed spacing in book spine
  • Removed package textcomp, which was clashing with font kpfonts, and it does not seem necessary.
  • Fixed a bug with glossaries hyperlinks
  • Fixed a font bug in IST chapter style

2015-09-08 — Version 3.0.12 — Bug fixes in Listings

  • Added the translation of "Listing #" to "Listagem #" for the Portuguese language in fix-babel.clo (thanks to Constantino Gomes for the fix).
  • Fixed a typo in template.tex.

2015-09-07 — Version 3.0.10 — Multiple bug fixes

  • hyperref option for bibtex exposed in template.tex.
  • Hyperlinks in citations were not working; now they are.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed chapters to start in even numbered pages.
  • Typo in word "dissertation" corrected in strings-en.clo (thanks to David Lopes and Rodrigo Carvalho).

2015-08-27 — Version 3.0.9 — Covers are all right

  • Fixed a bug with the background images for the covers in the document classes “mscplan”, “phdplan” and “phdprop”.

2015-08-26 — Version 3.0.8 — French and Italian are here