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module Main where
import System.Environment (getArgs)
import Control.Monad (liftM)
import Graphics.Gloss.Data.Display (Display (InWindow))
import Graphics.Gloss.Data.Color (Color, greyN)
import Graphics.Gloss.Interface.Simulate (simulate)
import Parser (parseBoardFromFile)
import Evolution (evolve)
import Drawing (drawModel, cellSize)
main =
do fps_ : filename : _ <- getArgs
initial <- parseBoardFromFile filename
let fps = read fps_ :: Int
let (l,c) = (length initial, length $ head initial)
scale n = floor (fromIntegral n * cellSize)
windowSize = (scale c, scale l)
display = InWindow title windowSize windowPosition
simulate display bg fps initial drawModel (\_ _ b -> evolve b)
title :: String
title = "Conway's Game of Life"
windowPosition :: (Int, Int)
windowPosition = (100,0)
bg :: Color
bg = greyN 0.95
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