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An Eureka client and subscriber for the KrakenD framework.
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Krakend Eureka

An Eureka client and subscriber for the KrakenD framework.

Build the example

Go 1.8 is a requirement

$ make

Using Eureka client

	eurekaClient, err := eureka.New(ctx, serviceConfig.ExtraConfig)
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatal("ERROR:", err.Error())

	routerFactory := krakendgin.NewFactory(krakendgin.Config{
		Engine:         gin.Default(),
		Middlewares:    []gin.HandlerFunc{},
		Logger:         logger,
		HandlerFactory: krakendgin.EndpointHandler,
		ProxyFactory: customProxyFactory{
			proxy.DefaultFactoryWithSubscriber(logger, eureka.SubscriberFactory(ctx, eurekaClient)),

Registering your application in Eureka

eurekaClient.Register("krakend-gw", GetLocalIP(), serviceConfig.Port)


Running it as a common executable, logs are send to the stdOut and some options are available at the CLI

$ ./krakend_eureka_example
Usage of ./krakend_eureka_example:
  -c string
        Path to the configuration filename (default "/etc/krakend/configuration.json")
  -d	Enable the debug
  -l string
        Logging level (default "ERROR")
  -p int
        Port of the service
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