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Feeling uneasy when your perfectly good browserifiable apps have to fit into a Apache Cordova-specific layout?

Voilá! Problem solved.

Your browserifiable apps can now be wrapped by Cordova and live on the mobile side of life, while you can code in a perfectly normal Node.js Grunt project layout.

It all boils down to having Browserify convert your code to a bundle that is copied to the Cordova side, every grunt watch cycle. It can then be deployed to any of the supported mobile platforms with grunt deploy.

Getting Started

  • Firstly, install:

    • the SDKs you fancy (i.e. Android, iOS, FirefoxOS, etc)
    • Apache Cordova npm install -g cordova
    • Yo npm install -g yo
  • To install generator-browserifycordova from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-browserifycordova
  • Finally, initiate the generator:
yo browserifycordova
  • Satisfy the prompt's configurational demands and you're good to go

  • Don't forget to look inside the dist dir to make friends with your new project


MIT License