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Minecraft - Libraries



Nowadays libraries such as Spigot, Bukkit and so on, gave lots of useful APIs in order to code Minecraft server plugins. However there are lots of missing functions and methods that would make a plugin development easier. In order to accomplish that, we have created a collection of useful functions to use side by side with a Minecraft server library.


  • Spigot or Bukkit
  • Minecraft 1.8.*
  • JAVA 8



  • Database
    • MySQL, OracleSQL and PostegreSQL
    • Methods to querie database using prepared statements
  • Hash
    • BCrypt
  • Structures
    • Pair
  • Files
    • Read lines of a file
    • Copy and delete files / directories


  • Appearance
    • Create virtual anvils
    • Modify item attributes and player name tags
    • Send cameras to players
    • Particle Effects
  • Entities
    • Change entity behaviors on the fly
    • Custom entity goals
  • Guns
    • Realistic guns
    • Custom bullets
    • Precise shot type (head shot, knee shot, etc)
    • Events
      • Fire, Hit and Reload
  • Maths
    • Get helix, tornado, sphere, circle list of locations
    • Rotate vectors
    • Check vectors intersections
    • Random lists
    • Convert text to JSON format
    • Time converters
    • String and list converters
  • Network
    • Bungeecord handler
    • Message received event
  • Scoreboard
    • Custom scoreboard
    • Static, Blank and Scrolling scoreboard labels
  • Text
    • Multi-language methods
    • Send custom tab player, action bar, titles and subtitles
    • Checks for bad words, advertisements, caps lock and emoji
    • Scroll's such as text and color
  • Utils
    • Bypass respawn screen
    • Reflection methods
    • Load / unload world sync and async
    • Change falling block damage


  • Achievements
  • Arena
    • Solo arena (all vs all)
    • Team arena (team vs team)
    • Locations of the arena
    • Custom arena flags for events
    • Game session for each round
  • Classes
  • Events
    • Arena
      • Load
      • Block break and place
      • Bucket fill and empty
    • Player
      • Catch, throw item
      • Cross arena border
      • Damage, friendly fire, die and hunger
      • Interaction, talk, jump, move
      • Join, spectate, leave arena and / or Team
    • Session
      • Start and finish
      • Timer tick and expire
      • Switch state
  • Player
    • Data of a player
  • Statistics
  • Teams
  • Utils
    • Custom colors

Setup Minigame

In order to use this minigame API first you have to register your minigame. You need to have a folder where you keep all the sample worlds for being loaded on the fly.

GameController gameController = GameAPI.getInstance().registerGame(plugin, worldsFolder);

this will return a game controller which will have all the methods needed to run the minigame. After registering it you can create your arenas

ArenaSolo arenaSolo = (ArenaSolo) gameController.createArena(ArenaType.SOLO);
ArenaTeam arenaTeam = (ArenaTeam) gameController.createArena(ArenaType.TEAM);

Now you should initialize the locations of the arena. We have created an example file of the locations.

GameSession gameSession = new GameSession(arena, minPlayers, maxPlayers); // You should create a game session per round
session.update(GameState.LOBBY, maximumTime);

We have also added the possibility to set the arena flags!

arena.updateFlag(ArenaFlag.BLOCK_BREAK, false); // False means can't break blocks, true would mean the opposite
arena.updateFlag(Arena.HUNGER, true);

Thats it, now you just have to register the custom events you need such as join arena, leave arena, cross border, timer tick, timer expire, etc...

Setup Database

Those who want more complex minigames can use databases also included here.

// Database Types - MYSQL, ORACLE, POSTGRE
Database database = Database.createDatabase(DatabaseType.MYSQL, hostname, port, database, username, password);

Now you have got a database so lets connect to it!


Do you want to query the database? That is as simple as this

String query = "SELECT * FROM Players WHERE Players.UUID = ?"; // Runs on prepared statements
List<Object> parameters = new ArrayList();

ResultSet result = database.executeQuery(query, parameters);
while(result.next()) {

Also insert updates?

String update = "INSERT INTO Players(UUID, Name) VALUES (?, ?)";
List<Object> parameters = new ArrayList();
parameters.add(player.getUuid()); // Parameters must be sorted accordingly with the statement

int numRowsUpdated = database.executeUpdate(update, parameters);


You can create custom and epic scoreboards in only 10 seconds (the time you take to copy and paste this code).

// InfoBoard is the custom class for scoreboard
double updateInterval = 5; // Update interval (in ticks) of the scoreboard dynamic labels (eg. ScrollingLabel). Negative value to disable this automatic update.
InfoBoard infoBoard = new InfoBoard(updateInterval);

// Title
infoBoard.setTitle(new ScrollingLabel(new ColorScroller("MINI GAME", 1, ChatColor.AQUA, ChatColor.YELLOW, ChatColor.GOLD))); // Color scroller on the title

// Body
infoBoard.addLabel(new BlankLabel(5)); // 5 is the position on the scoreboard
infoBoard.addLabel("vip", new ScrollingLabel(new TextScroller("§fBecome §6VIP §fat our store! | ", 15, 4)); // 15 is the length of the scroller text. "vip" is the ID of the label
infoBoard.addLabel(new BlankLabel(3));

// Footer
infoBoard.addLabel(new StaticLabel("separator", "§8---------------", 2);
infoBoard.addLabel(new StaticLabel("", "§fCheck us out", 1)); // You can use empty strings for ID
infoBoard.addLabel(new StaticLabel("website", "§6www.mywebsite.com")), 0;

// Send to a player

Well there you go! You have a gorgeous scoreboard with no effort at all!


This plugin is being developed by João Silva. Some of the methods were adapted from existing ones that may be found either on Bukkit or Spigot forum.